Why work for Koin?

Culture is important to us

And we believe that a good culture is developed naturally with the people who work here by us choosing only the best talent. We like to keep our team happy as we think happy people encourage happy work.

Company-led bonus scheme based on performance as a team Our bonus scheme is inclusive of the whole company to encourage collaborative working.

4% non-contributory pension Yes, that’s free money! We will contribute 4% of your annual salary each month in to our carefully chosen pension scheme.

Annual £500 Personal Development Grant To spend on a course (not specific to your job) that will develop you personally. So if you want to speak Spanish or be the next winner of the Great British Bake Off - we can help!

Free cereal for breakfast or whenever you want We have a huge stash of the mini selection boxes…and we really wish someone would eat the Cornflakes.

Free on-site parking Because we’re situated in the lovely countryside and anything in life that’s free is a good thing, right?!

Regular fun-filled social events Each event is voted for by the team - we’ve already got enough ideas for the next two years pencilled in the social calendar!

Relaxed and modern working environment Everyone gets a lovely Apple Mac, a life-supply of Koin pens and anything else required to enhance their work (within reason of course).

A real opportunity to develop your career and make a difference in a growing and forward thinking company We believe all ideas are better than no ideas!

Meet the boss


Founder and MD

A former Captain in the Royal Marines, Ross likes to keep a Commando dagger in arms reach of his desk at all times for people that don’t cooperate with his way of thinking. Luckily, he’s a pretty nice guy and is always open to creativity, problem solving, proactivity and dishing out end goals rather than ways of working. Investing in people, their development and making ridiculous caricatures of every team member makes Ross a happy boss.

  • Believes all of life's problems can be solved by the words, ‘Google-it’.
  • Has an Acid Green Man-kini … for special occasions.
  • His ultimate dream is to build a 40ft indoor slide; from his bedroom to the kitchen.
  • Consumes thirty six and a half bottles of Tabasco Sauce a year, which is equal to one camel hump!
  • Loves Apple products - to the core.


After all that you're probably wondering why you wouldn't want to work with us!

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